The Truth About Doris

The Truth About Doris Gentry

Doris Gentry and Pro-Med Services

Doris claims to have either been an employee, owner or President of Pro-Med Solutions 1984-1992. Here is what the real owners of Pro-Med solutions have written about Doris:

Doris was the Secretary-Treasurer of our business and was never the President. We were a small medical billing company doing billing for medical equipment for nursing homes. It was active from 1984 to 1988. We lost our five nursing home customers because Medicare changed their designation from a nursing home to an assisted care home.

Doris left town suddenly and left me and our company in a financial mess. My other partner in the business, Don Kramer and I had to pay thousands of dollars to close down the business and pay off outstanding obligations.

I hold no ill will towards Doris except she is not always what she portrays herself to be. I was a sucker to sucked into her web of deceit and fantasy. Anyway, I learned a valuable lesson from her participation in our business…

… Doris walked out on my partner and I abruptly and never tried to contact us or explain why she left so fast. Her husband, Phil Boynton, was left in the dust. Doris was never the “owner” of Pro Med, She owned stock in the business but she did not have controlling interest.

I have not spoken to Doris since 1987. I knew she went to California but what she did out there was no concern to me. My partner and I successfully closed out the business and have gotten on with our lives. I do hope Doris is finding her dream. Just don’t get sucked up into any of her schemes.

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