The Truth About Doris

The Truth About Doris Gentry

Toni Fish’s remarks on Doris Gentry’s foster care service.

Toni Fish’s facebook account:

I have known Doris Gentry since I was a foster parent, about 17 years. I attended events she put on with the foster parent organization she started. She had two of my former foster sons in her home too. One of them reported her to CPS and she lost her certification. She was later recertified. I attended a meeting at her home at the time and she said ALL the kids were lying about her. I have talked to that foster son recently (he is 30 now. This took place around 2008) and this is what he told me- the fosters were treated as unpaid servants. They were punished by having food with held. They did all the cleaning and received no allowance. They were also forced to work week ends for her husbands business with no pay. If she was mad at them they were denied supper. All food was locked up and they had nothing to eat after 5:30pm. Any clothes they were given came from thrift stores. Doris has made being a foster parent a central part of her political campaigns (I have heard her fosters are required to help on that too). She abused her position as a foster parent. My foster son said it was one of the worse homes he was ever in.

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