The Truth About Doris

The Truth About Doris Gentry

Doris Gentry asked to remove endorsement from CALED

Original Facebook Post

From Tracey Hargrave

“… So, I saw a couple of endorsements on Doris’ page and was curious. One was CALED, so I called. This agency does not do any political endorsements. CBPA is the lobby side of the same agency, and does not make political endorsements either. I spoke to the CEO of CALED, of which the City of Napa is a member. Staff of the city were contacted and Doris agreed to remove all mentions of these 2 organizations. I will be sending an email to Steve Potter, Doris needs to be held accountable for her fraud and lies. This is a person with no morale compass who will stoop to the lowest of lows, dirtiest of tactics, to flat out lying to win this election….”

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